Top 5 Most Popular Anime Characters in 2021

Every year brings new anime and manga series with some new characters. Some of them become popular overnight, some remain average. The start of this year was full of vibrant yet fascinating characters who took over the stage and won the hearts of fans.

These characters may include heroes, badass villains, waifus or other anime characters making the winters warmer than ever. We will have a look at some top notches who have created a fandom of their own. These are the top 5 most popular anime characters amazing who are ranked from top to bottom, which makes choosing between these anime characters so hard!

1 - Levi Ackerman

This year none other than Levi Ackerman from anime Attack on Titan won the award for the most popular anime character of 2021. He is surely the most important character of the Anime, the protagonist, sexiest man and Being a top fan favorite. This young man with a cold and unflappable killer personality is a captain and most skilled powerful combatant.

What is actually amazing is his physique is short but he has a tremendous amount of power in his Well-developed muscles making him potentially stronger to defeat titans.

Meanwhile this anime AOT went viral on the Internet because of such a character where this clean freak Levi is very obedient and honest, limited to very few people and never shows emotions. However his morality is high, defining him of great value.

2 - Monkey D luffy

Monkey D luffy is the name of a character, none would say they haven't heard about him. He has become such a phenomenal character that the anime world can ever have. He is the main protagonist, captain of the one piece pirates consisting of 9 crew members at the moment in one piece anime series. This anime has ruled over the anime world for two centuries just because of the character that Luffy has portrayed. His fighting tactics, sharp skills, vigilant observing, ever growing fighter after every fight and most importantly his undefeatable spirit that helps his soul spread his domain of warrior's sight are the abilities that makes him different from all other characters.

Although he lacks common traits a normal person should have, he doesn't know much about daily life chores, but the way he fulfils his duty as a captain in the time of need and his understanding of his beloved members is on another level.

One other thing that makes him peculiar is that he has a golden heart and is exceptionally kind to everyone. Well Luffy is kind of a charismatic, funky and humorous type of person normally, but when he gets serious he kicks off the ass of people so badly.

3 - Satoru Gojo

A tall charming man with a flaming glow in his blue eyes named Gojo Satoru claims the 2021year for being a great sorcerer anime fans ever had. His personality is very attractive, surpassing all other characters of the year. He is the protagonist in the jujutsu kaisen anime series, a special grade sorcerer ever so powerful in the whole community. He possess inhumanly cursed energy, which is totally on another level. His might tell much about his power which is domain. All the sorcerers in the anime are able to create a domain where they can trap anyone but that domain is limited.

When it's comes to Gojo. His domain is called infinity void, a domain which is inside the limitless, no communication or movement can be made once you are trapped in it. He creates a void so strong that claims all the curse energy of that enemy and their domain is nothing but a piece of glass that can be broken so easily.

Such a sorcerer with invincible powers claims to be one of the most popular among the characters. Nevertheless, despite of his confident abilities and haughtiness he is quite playful and a dedicated teacher for his students. He has owned himself an irreplaceable place in the heart of his fans.

4 - Lelouch Lamperouge

Being an anime fan I can't not miss this character named Lelouch Lamperouge, the protagonist of anime Series Code Geass. Being the 11th Prince Lelouch is sophisticated and a very arrogant character because he is very impassive in nature. He usually intends to hide his true nature and act like a normal person. His intelligence makes it easy for him.

With such a coldness inside, he desires to change the world to be on his terms but later he realizes the meaning of the world and actually understanding people around him. Although he can be a ruthless character in anime sometimes but he is also a compassionating person with a warm heart.

5 - Lawliet

When we talk about the most thrilling and mysterious storyline there come Death Note anime series on the top. There has been many mesmerizing and phenomenal characters in the death note anime but L Lawliet and Light Yagami are the most popular anime characters in the death note and all other thrilling genre anime so far.

This anime has a hero and a villain both are very good and have high IQ level. Lawliet is actually the world’s 2nd best detective who serves the country against violence and crimes. He is very skilled and has very odd personality. Lawliet in order to serve for justice for his country meets his rival Light Yagami and become friends with him unaware with the fact that he owns a Death Note, thought he suspects him from the very start and never leaves a chance to reveal his rival's identity but Light Yagami plays very hard and successfully take his life.

Lawliet Being a detective never showed his face to the world but he had great insight. He was extremely meticulous and analytical. His powers of guessing were beyond any limits. He was indeed the best.


These 5 are the most popular CHARACTERS of the anime world so far and they still kick the top of the list of the year 2021. No one can doubt the popularity of these characters as there exists totally a separate fandom of these characters. I personally love them. If I am missing a badass character in my list, do suggest me for sure.