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About Magic 8 Ball Online

Magic 8 Ball or Ask 8 Ball is an online remake of the fortune teller ball that was very popular back in the days. It is basically just a billiard kind of black ball but instead of the number, it has a opening that answers your questions, particularly about your future.

Our online magic 8 Ball tool imitates the popular techniques used by the Magic 8 Ball. You can ask all sorts of Yes/No questions and it will try to predict your future based on that. However, none of these tools available out there are accurate. The answers may or may not be correct all the time but it still remains to be a very fun tool to try out.

Magic 8 Ball, just like the original Magic 8 Ball uses a series of 20 answers that are divided into 3 categories or as we like to call it "nature of predictions", these are Positive, Negative and Not sure.

Our Magic 8 Ball Online tool uses the same answers as the original Magic 8 Ball to make sure you get the same experience as the original one. Just Ask away and wait for the ball to predict your future!

How to use Magic 8 Ball Online?

Using our Ask 8 Ball Tool is rather simple, just like the Magic 8 Ball, all you need to do is ask a question whose reply can be a yes or no.

You have to enter the question in the text box above and click on the big black 8 ball. Our Ask 8 Ball goes through a series of calculations to bring you an asnwer based on the question.

The answer can be either a positive respsonse, a negative response or it might ask you to try again if the answer 8 ball is uncertain about something.

History of Magic 8 Ball

The Magic 8 Ball is a plastic sphere shaped like an eight ball from Billiard that is used to tell fortunes. It was first created by Albert C. Carter and Abe Bookman in 1950 and is now produced by Mattel Inc. The user asks the ball a yes/no question, then flips it over to disclose the response in the ball's window.

Despite its humble beginnings, the Magic 8 Ball would later go on to become a craze amongst the youngsters for several decades, with following generations revelling in its mystique. The sells skyrocketed and every child wanted to have this toy, which is just amazing for something so simple.

Bookman sold Alabe Crafts, Inc. to Ideal Toys in 1971, and the ball was marketed mostly to young generation. The rights were transferred to Tyco Toys again in 1987, resulting in a new marketing strategy and whatnot. Despite its many owners, the Magic 8-Ball's concept and execution have remained relatively unchanged.

Important note

We are not in any way affiliated with Mattel Inc. or any of the previous owners of the Magic 8 Ball. tries to provide you with a simulation of the famous Magic 8 Ball with the series of answers used in the original Magic 8 Ball. Randomify is not responsible for any actions you take based on the advice/answers from Magic 8 Ball Online.

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